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Within-die spatial correlation of device parameter values caused by manufacturing variations [1] has a significant impact on circuit performance. Based on experimental and simulation results, we (1) characterize the spatial correlation of gate length over a full-field range of horizontal and vertical separation; (2) develop a rudimentary spatial correlation(More)
Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a fatal brain cancer that arises in the brainstem of children, with no effective treatment and near 100% fatality. The failure of most therapies can be attributed to the delicate location of these tumors and to the selection of therapies on the basis of assumptions that DIPGs are molecularly similar to adult(More)
  • Hugh L Mcmanus, Seth Kessler, Ajay Raghavan, Metis Design, Michael Hyer, Scott Case +5 others
  • 2009
A practical approach for modeling and predicting composite degradation over time is presented. A simplified semi-empirical model is defined that captures key mechanisms. A test program is designed to calibrate the model, and is carried out using simple conditioning equipment and inexpensive ASTM standard tests. The model is implemented in a user-friendly(More)
Truncating GLI3 mutations in Pallister-Hall Syndrome with renal malformation suggests a requirement for Hedgehog signaling during renal development. HH-dependent signaling increases levels of GLI transcriptional activators and decreases processing of GLI3 to a shorter transcriptional repressor. Previously, we showed that Shh-deficiency interrupts early(More)
Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models generated from surgical specimens are gaining popularity as preclinical models of cancer. However, establishment of PDX lines from small cell lung cancer (SCLC) patients is difficult due to very limited amount of available biopsy material. We asked whether SCLC cells obtained from endobronchial ultrasound-guided(More)
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) represent a rare population of cells with the capacity to self-renew and give rise to heterogeneous cell lineages within a tumour. Whilst the mechanisms underlying the regulation of CSCs are poorly defined, key developmental signaling pathways required for normal stem and progenitor functions have been strongly implicated. Hedgehog(More)
Histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) were identified nearly four decades ago based on their ability to induce cellular differentiation. However, the clinical development of these compounds as cancer therapies has focused on their capacity to induce apoptosis in hematologic and lymphoid malignancies, often in combination with conventional cytotoxic agents.(More)
Although mitochondrial DNA has been implicated in diseases such as cancer, its role remains to be defined. Using three models of tumorigenesis, namely glioblastoma multiforme, multiple myeloma and osteosarcoma, we show that mitochondrial DNA plays defining roles at early and late tumour progression. Specifically, tumour cells partially or completely(More)
Gene-recombinase technologies, such as Cre/loxP-mediated DNA recombination, are important tools in the study of gene function, but have potential side effects due to damaging activity on DNA. Here we show that DNA recombination by Cre instigates a robust antiviral response in mammalian cells, independent of legitimate loxP recombination. This is due to the(More)
  • M J Albert, S Haridas, B Adler, B J Allison, K J Crossley, S J Flecknoe +215 others
  • 2009
Major outer membrane proteins from many species of Campylobacter cross-react with cholera toxin. Ventilation of the very immature lung in utero induces injury and BPD-like changes in lung structure in fetal sheep. subjective responses to pharmacological challenge with citalopram: a controlled study in male and female ecstasy/MDMA users. The effect of asthma(More)