Jason C Price

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OBJECTIVES To identify the incidence, clinical outcome, and associated factors of subdural haemorrhage in children under 2 years of age, and to determine how such cases were investigated and how many were due to child abuse. DESIGN Population based case series. SETTING South Wales and south west England. SUBJECTS Children under 2 years of age who had(More)
It is often necessary to estimate the dose of radiation to a fetus from a series of CT scans. To assist in making this process easier and more accurate, we measured fetal doses in an adult anthropomorphic phantom for four CT scanners: Picker 1200, Siemens DRH, GE 9800, and GE 8800. Measurements were made at four kilovoltages (100, 120, 130, and 140 kVp),(More)
UNLABELLED The effects of attenuation in cardiac PET are large and are produced by varied and inhomogeneous attenuating media. Although a measured attenuation correction can potentially provide an exact correction for attenuation, it introduces noise into the attenuation-corrected emission scan. Transmission smoothing reduces this noise but can introduce(More)
UNLABELLED A new method for PET transmission data processing was developed and found to reduce transmission noise in 18F-FDG cardiac emission images. This method is based on a model that describes the measured attenuation image histogram as some unknown true underlying histogram, blurred by noise. METHODS Emission data from an elliptical phantom (cardiac(More)
dogma are pitfalls in medical journalism as well as in reports Professor David’s leading article provides a welcome summary of the Code of Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Family Proceedings. All paediatricians who undertake this type of work should be familiar with the Code of Guidance and have due regard to it. However, Professor David also goes on to(More)
We review the experimental constraints on additional macroscopic Yukawa forces for interaction ranges below 1 cm, and summarize several theoretical predictions of new forces in this region. An experiment using 1 kHz mechanical oscillators as test masses should be sensitive to much of the parameter space covered by the predictions. 04.80.-y, 11.30.Pb,(More)