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The bioequivalence problem is of practical importance because the approval of most generic drugs in the United States and the European Community (EC) requires the establishment of bioequivalence between the name brand drug and the proposed generic version. The problem is theoretically interesting because it has been recognized as one for which the desired(More)
This article develops and implements a simulation approach to value patents and patent-protected R&D projects based on the Real Options approach. It takes into account uncertainty in the cost-to-completion of the project, uncertainty in the cash flows to be generated from the project, and the possibility of catastrophic events that could put an end to the(More)
Normalization of expression levels applied to microarray data can help in reducing measurement error. Different methods, including cyclic loess, quantile normalization and median or mean normalization, have been utilized to normalize microarray data. Although there is considerable literature regarding normalization techniques for mRNA microarray data, there(More)
Not all simultaneous inferences need multiplicity adjustment. If the sequence of individual inferences is predeened, and failure to achieve the desired inference at any step renders subsequent inferences unnecessary, then multiplicity adjustment is not needed. This can be justiied using the closed testing principle to test appropriate hypotheses which are(More)
CD40 is a member of the TNF receptor family that was initially described on the surface of B cells. Recently, CD40 has also been described on mesenchymal cells, such as endothelial cells and fibroblasts, where engagement by its ligand CD40 ligand can lead to up-regulation of costimulatory and cell adhesion molecules, as well as secretion of proinflammatory(More)
This paper presents two simple algorithms to calculate the portfolio weights for a risk parity strategy, where asset class covariance information is appropriately taken into consideration to achieve " true " equal risk contribution. Previous implementations of risk parity either (1) used a naïve 1/vol solution, which ignores asset class correlations, or (2)(More)
We have previously reported that a well-characterized glycoprotein fraction containing fucose residues in an extract of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides (EORP) exerts certain immuno-modulation activity by stimulating the expression of inflammatory cytokines via TLR4. Continuing our studies, we have demonstrated that EORP increases the surface expression of(More)
The CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Project (MTP) is a multisite study with a two-fold purpose: to assess the feasibility and outcomes generated by a technology transfer of the Matrix treatment model for methamphetamine (MA) abuse into several community-based treatment programs, and specifically to compare outcomes of treatment as usual at each site with(More)