Jason C. HandUber

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This paper presents a geo-localization framework of street-level outdoor images using multiple sources of overhead reference imagery including LIDAR, Digital Elevation Maps and Multi-Spectral Land Cover/Use imagery. We describe five different matchers and an adaptive linear fusion process which combines individual matchers' probability maps into a single(More)
In this paper we present a genetic algorithm applied to the problem of mission planning for Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (JSEAD) in support of air strike operations. The stochastic nature of JSEAD scenarios and the complexity of JSEAD operations and interactions make this an especially challenging problem within the military domain. JSEAD(More)
This paper describes a multidisciplinary study and development effort to analyze full text and metadata of scientific articles and patents for indicators of new disruptive and game-changing technical breakthroughs. The system we are developing can scan millions of documents in two languages, English and Chinese, and extract meaningful trends and(More)
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