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The antinociceptive response of mice to the amino acid L-arginine (L-ARG) has been attributed to either an opioid mechanism or a non-opioid but nitric oxide (NO)-dependent mechanism. Earlier it was reported that the mechanism of nitrous oxide-induced antinociception involved opioid components and was also dependent on brain NO. This study was designed to(More)
The industrial solvent trichloroethylene (TCE) is a widespread environmental contaminant known to impact the immune system. In the present study, female MRL+/+ mice were treated for 40 weeks with trichloroacetaldehyde hydrate (TCAH), a metabolite of TCE, in the drinking water. The results were compared with the data from an earlier study in which MRL+/+(More)
The second messenger cyclic GMP (cGMP) plays a role in the anxiolytic-like behavioral response of mice to nitrous oxide (N2O). This study was conducted to determine whether this behavioral effect of N2O is affected by inhibition of cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKG). N2O-induced behavior in the light/dark exploration test was significantly attenuated by(More)
  • Lance Kelleher, Fred Raimondi, +20 authors Kumiko Gamoh
  • 2002
Ritts/Hayden and PentaMark Worldwide enlisted Digital Domain to create this exhilarating spot for director Lance Kelleher featuring the entire line of Dodge vehicles doing unbelievable precision-formation driving, which culminates in the Viper making a 360-degree mid-air turn, before the drivers are shown to be fighter pilots and take off in their jets. (More)
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