Jason C. Chen

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A 345 Mpixels/s coarse-grained reconfigurable image stream processor (CRISP) is proposed and implemented with 5 mm<sup>2</sup> area in 0.18 mum CMOS technology for the image pipelines of digital still cameras and video camcoders. The novel CRISP architecture with scalable reconfigurable stage processing elements and reconfigurable interconnection could(More)
OBJECTIVE   Deep brain stimulation technology now allows a choice between constant current and constant voltage stimulation, yet clinical trials comparing the two are lacking. Impedance instability would theoretically favor constant current stimulation; however, few publications address this with long-term follow-up. In this report, we review our series for(More)
Frm White CFA Color 2-D To AbstractThis paper presents a novel preview-based coarseCCD Balance Interpolation Correction filtering D grain reconfigurable image signal processor (CRISP) for digital sensor still cameras (DSCs). The two modes in DSCs, which have quite different hardware considerations, make traditional implementaFig. 1. Image processing(More)
17 Background: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common cancer in the US, affecting more than 3 million people every year, and the incidence of BCC is increasing. Traditional management of BCC involves multiple physician visits and a pre-treatment biopsy which may be unnecessary. We assessed the costs of treating BCC, comparing traditional management(More)
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