Jason C. Bradford

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Tropical forest biodiversity is declining, but the resulting effects on key ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and sequestration, remain unknown. We assessed the influence of the loss of tropical tree species on carbon storage by simulating 18 possible extinction scenarios within a well-studied 50-hectare tropical forest plot in Panama, which(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether experimental denervation of the levator ani (LA) and its subsequent atrophy contribute to the development of pelvic organ prolapse in the squirrel monkey. STUDY DESIGN Thirty-seven female monkeys were evaluated including 7 that underwent bilateral LA neurectomy (bLAN), 17 nulliparous monkeys without prolapse, 7 parous(More)
Descriptions, illustrations, distribution maps and conservation assessments are provided for two new species of Cunonia from New Caledonia. Cunonia dickisonii Pillon & H. C. Hopkins is endemic to montane ultramafic scrub at high elevation on Mts Humboldt and Kouakoué. Cunonia koghicola H. C. Hopkins, J. Bradford & Pillon is from wet forest at low to medium(More)
The objective of this study was to determine if electrocortical activity is different between walking on an incline compared with level surface. Subjects walked on a treadmill at 0% and 15% grades for 30 min while we recorded electroencephalography (EEG). We used independent component (IC) analysis to parse EEG signals into maximally independent sources and(More)
Evaluation of acute gastric erosions and ulcers induced by chemicals such as ethanol or aspirin is difficult because these lesions are predominantly multiple and irregularly shaped. A commercially available, relatively inexpensive microprocessor-linked planimeter (Micro-Plan II) with a stereomicroscope was used to measure the area of gastric mucosa damaged(More)
Pravadoline is a new chemical entity with analgesic activity in humans. This report describes the pharmacology of pravadoline and compares the activity of pravadoline with that of two major classes of analgesics, the opioids and the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Like the NSAIDs, pravadoline inhibited the synthesis of prostaglandins (PGs) in(More)
OBJECTIVE Orally administered diphenhydramine, famotidine, and cromolyn sodium were compared for their abilities to alleviate symptoms of acute urticaria. DESIGN AND SETTING This was a prospective, randomized, blind study, implemented in the emergency departments (EDs) of two teaching hospitals, each with an annual average of 40,000 ED patient visits.(More)
Single oral administration of pravadoline maleate (WIN 48098-6), the maleic acid salt of WIN 48098, induced acute tubular necrosis (ATN) in male and female beagle dogs at dosages > or = 40 mg/kg (WIN 48098 base (31 mg/kg) and maleic acid (9 mg/kg)). Subsequent oral studies were conducted with equimolar dosages of maleic acid and WIN 48098-7, the(More)
The synthesis and gastric antisecretory activity of a series of indole-1-alkanamides and pyrrole-1-alkanamides are presented. A marked elevation of the pH of the gastric secretions of the rat was observed after oral administration of 100 mg/kg of 2,3-dimethylindole-1-acetamide (2), -1-propionamide (8), and -1-butyramide (13). Replacement of either methyl(More)