Jason Britt

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INTRODUCTION Secondhand smoke (SHS) is a leading cause of childhood illness and premature death, especially in rural areas. The study examined the relationship of having a smoke-free home, strength of smoke-free law (SFL) in the county of residence, having one or more minor children in the home, rural/urban location, and demographics. METHODS An(More)
W hile woRd-of-mouth mARketing has always been available to marketers, it tends to be dismissed and undervalued as a legitimate strategy. check the index of any marketing or public relations textbook —a description of WOM is usually just a paragraph to a few pages long, if it’s included at all. More often than not, such a mention tends to focus squarely on(More)
Sow meat has been identified to possess objectionable atypical aromas and flavors we have termed as "sow taint". The objective of this study was to identify optimum concentrations of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO(3)), sodium tripolyphosphate (PO(4)) and percentage marination solution that reduces or eliminates sow taint. Sow loins (N=20) with atypical aromas(More)
Phishing websites attempt to deceive people to expose their passwords, user IDs and other sensitive information by mimicking legitimate websites such as banks, product vendors, and service providers. Phishing websites are a pervasive and ongoing problem. Examining and analyzing a phishing website is a good first step in an investigation. Examining and(More)
The most common approach to collect users’ secret credentials from phishing websites is to email the credentials to criminals’ email addresses which we call drop email addresses. We propose a clustering algorithm, which is based on the assumption that if there is a common drop email address found in the phishing kits from two different phishing websites,(More)
An identified challenge in using sow loins as a raw material for value added enhanced whole muscle products is to eliminate or minimize objectionable atypical aromas and flavors ("sow taint," ST) that may occur in some sow carcasses. The objective of this study was to determine consumer acceptance of sow loins exhibiting atypical aromas and flavors(More)
Marketers are under increasing scrutiny from their management to demonstrate accountability for the resources they receive. Three models are presented to help marketers execute their customer communication activities more effectively. Benefits of using the "Identification of Strategic Communication Elements," "Business Communication" and "Communications(More)
Pressure on health care marketers to demonstrate effectiveness of their strategies and show their contribution to organizational goals is growing. A seven-tiered model based on the concepts of structure (having the right people, systems), process (doing the right things in the right way), and outcomes (results) is discussed. Examples of measures for each(More)
Marketing-stimulated word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing has been poorly understood in health care, leading to it being underappreciated and underutilized by marketers. A study of new patients to a new runner's clinic was conducted to understand how they chose the program. The importance of marketing-stimulated WOM, both individual and organizational, is(More)