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The posterior pole of the eyes of rhesus monkeys was exposed to the light of an indirect ophthalmoscope. The tissue changes caused by repeated (three to five) photic injuries were compared with those produced by a single photic insult. The ophthalmoscopic and angiographic examinations showed a progressive involvement of the foveal area after multiple(More)
  • Luis Obispo, Christina Da Rocha, Zack Beutler, Jason Borges
  • 2012
ii ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Henderson, for assisting me throughout the entire project and guiding me in preparation of my report. I would also like to thank Zack Beutler for assisting me with the MICRO Dairy Logic program and making it easier to navigate. Also, I would like to thank Jason Borges who assisted in the putting(More)
The objective of this study is to determine if there is a direct relationship between rumination and energy corrected milk produced, using a technologic rumination tracking system. Dairy Solutions and SCR™, but marketed through Semex. The collar system is able to track rumination, aid in diagnosing illness/injury, predict parturition, and detect estrus in(More)
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