Jason Borges

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A sural nerve dissected from a recently dead patient displayed an unusual X-ray diffraction pattern, suggesting that in situ and at the time of the patient's death the myelin sheaths were in a swollen state. Diffraction patterns of the swollen type were also recorded from: (1) a sural nerve from the corpse of a neurologically healthy person after soaking(More)
  • Luis Obispo, Christina Da Rocha, Zack Beutler, Jason Borges
  • 2012
ii ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Henderson, for assisting me throughout the entire project and guiding me in preparation of my report. I would also like to thank Zack Beutler for assisting me with the MICRO Dairy Logic program and making it easier to navigate. Also, I would like to thank Jason Borges who assisted in the putting(More)
The objective of this study is to determine if there is a direct relationship between rumination and energy corrected milk produced, using a technologic rumination tracking system. Dairy Solutions and SCR™, but marketed through Semex. The collar system is able to track rumination, aid in diagnosing illness/injury, predict parturition, and detect estrus in(More)
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