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The school-based behavioural adjustment at 7-8 years of a cohort of 243 prematurely born, very low birthweight (< 1501 g) children and their normal birthweight controls is reported. The findings indicate that the children born preterm (both male and female) were rated by their teachers as expressing more behaviour problems than their controls, and were less(More)
Whether very-low birthweight (VLBW less than or equal to 1500 gm) children differ from normal birthweight (NBW greater than 2500 gm) children with respect to social (as opposed to intellectual) competence has been a relatively neglected issue. The social competence at school age of 183 VLBW children was therefore compared with that of 183 NBW children born(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper investigates the efficacy of practical participation as a vehicle for conveying knowledge of the subject of dental occlusion. METHODS A fourth-year class of students was divided into two groups: one had benefited from a series of practicals focusing on the re-organized approach to occlusion, and the other had attended routine clinical(More)
Inpatient care is a fundamental part of gastroenterology training and involves the recommendation, performance, and interpretation of diagnostic tests. However, test results are not always communicated to patients or treating providers. We determined the process of communication of test results and recommendations in our inpatient gastroenterology (GI)(More)
BACKGROUND Duty hour limits have shortened intern shifts without concurrent reductions in workload, creating work compression. Multiple admissions during shortened shifts can result in poor training experience and patient care. OBJECTIVE To relieve work compression, improve resident satisfaction, and improve duty hour compliance in an academic internal(More)
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