Jason B Brown

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Spinner-flask bioreactors have been used for the production of articular cartilage in vitro. The dynamic environment within bioreactors is known to significantly affect the growth and development of the tissue. The present research focuses on the experimental and numerical characterization of the flow field within a spinner flask operating under conditions(More)
In preceding reports (1, 2) it was shown that when fish oil was fed to white rats equilibrium between the diet and the depot fat resulted in from 4 to 6 weeks, and further that with a series of diets containing from 5 to 30 per cent of menhaden oil the amount of highly unsaturated acids in the depot fat was roughly proportional to their content in the diet.(More)
The overall objective of this project was to design a device to collect multiple aerosol samples at various altitudes of the atmosphere. This device would aid in the biological investigation of unexplained microorganisms' travel over vast distances across the world. Extensive work was done in collaboration with the Arkansas State University Biology(More)
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