Jason Alfredo Carlson Gallas

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We study fully synchronized states in scale-free networks of chaotic logistic maps as a function of both dynamical and topological parameters. Three different network topologies are considered: (i) a random scale-free topology, (ii) a deterministic pseudofractal scale-free network, and (iii) an Apollonian network. For the random scale-free topology we find(More)
We study a model for neural activity on the small-world topology of Watts and Strogatz and on the scale-free topology of Barabási and Albert. We find that the topology of the network connections may spontaneously induce periodic neural activity, contrasting with nonperiodic neural activities exhibited by regular topologies. Periodic activity exists only for(More)
We investigate the prevalence of multistability in the parameter space of the kicked rotor map. We report high-resolution phase diagrams showing how the density of attractors and the density of periods vary as a function of both model parameters. Our diagrams illustrate density variations that exist when moving between the familiar conservative and strongly(More)
Ordinarily, two different topologies have been used to model spatiotemporal chaos and to study complexity in networks of maps: one where sites interact only with nearest neighbors (e.g., the standard diffusive coupling) and one where sites interact with all sites in the network (global coupling). Here we investigate intermediate regimes considering the(More)
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