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A community-driven global reconstruction of human metabolism
Multiple models of human metabolism have been reconstructed, but each represents only a subset of our knowledge. Here we describe Recon 2, a community-driven, consensus 'metabolic reconstruction',Expand
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Metabolic network reconstruction of Chlamydomonas offers insight into light-driven algal metabolism
A comprehensive genome-scale metabolic network of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, including a detailed account of light-driven metabolism, is reconstructed and validated. The model provides a new resourceExpand
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Applications of genome-scale metabolic reconstructions
The availability and utility of genome-scale metabolic reconstructions have exploded since the first genome-scale reconstruction was published a decade ago. Reconstructions have now been built for aExpand
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Reconstruction of cellular signalling networks and analysis of their properties
The study of cellular signalling over the past 20 years and the advent of high-throughput technologies are enabling the reconstruction of large-scale signalling networks. After careful reconstructionExpand
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Flux balance analysis in the era of metabolomics
Flux balance analysis (FBA) has emerged as an effective means to analyse biological networks in a quantitative manner. Much progress has been made on the extension of FBA to incorporate a prioriExpand
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Functional integration of a metabolic network model and expression data without arbitrary thresholding
MOTIVATION Flux balance analysis (FBA) has been used extensively to analyze genome-scale, constraint-based models of metabolism in a variety of organisms. The predictive accuracy of such models hasExpand
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Comparison of network-based pathway analysis methods.
Network-based definitions of biochemical pathways have emerged in recent years. These pathway definitions insist on the balanced use of a whole network of biochemical reactions. Two such relatedExpand
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Reconciliation of Genome-Scale Metabolic Reconstructions for Comparative Systems Analysis
In the past decade, over 50 genome-scale metabolic reconstructions have been built for a variety of single- and multi- cellular organisms. These reconstructions have enabled a host of computationalExpand
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Genome-scale microbial in silico models: the constraints-based approach.
Genome sequencing and annotation has enabled the reconstruction of genome-scale metabolic networks. The phenotypic functions that these networks allow for can be defined and studied usingExpand
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Systems analysis of metabolism in the pathogenic trypanosomatid Leishmania major
Systems analyses have facilitated the characterization of metabolic networks of several organisms. We have reconstructed the metabolic network of Leishmania major, a poorly characterized organismExpand
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