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Canadian hockey literature : a thematic study
Canadian Hockey Literature: A Thematic Study Jason Blake examines hockey as a Symbol of Nationhood, National Identity and Hockey, and Representations of Hockey Violence.
Margaret Atwood, World-Famous but Yet to Be Discovered by Many Slovene Readers
Margaret Atwood is the only Canadian author whose 80th birthday in 2019 was cel-ebrated by the global academic community This is not surprising, as she is the most famous Canadian writer, popular
The influence of directionality on the quality of translation output in educational settings
ABSTRACT The article attempts to determine whether translation errors (in particular semantic and stylistic ones) in translator-training settings are predominantly the result of translation
Sources of unresolvable uncertainties in weakly predictive distributed virtual environments
This work expands the notion of unresolvable uncertainties due to modeling issues in weakly predictive simulations to include unique implementation induced sources that originate from fundamental trade-offs associated with distributed virtual environments, using the Consistency, Availability, and Partition tolerance theorem.