Jason A. Watts

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The defining characteristic of recessive diseases is the absence of a phenotype in the heterozygous carriers. Nonetheless, subtle manifestations may be detectable by new methods, such as expression profiling. Ataxia telangiectasia (AT) is a typical recessive disease, and individual carriers cannot be reliably identified. As a group, however, carriers of an(More)
Understanding how silent genes can be competent for activation provides insight into development as well as cellular reprogramming and pathogenesis. We performed genomic location analysis of the pioneer transcription factor FoxA in the adult mouse liver and found that about one-third of the FoxA bound sites are near silent genes, including genes without(More)
The Nucleosome organization at gene regulatory sequences, such as at enhancers and promoters, is essential for understanding how genes are regulated. We have addressed how local nucleosome positioning and sensitivity are regulated in a tissue-specific manner focusing on pioneer transcription factor FoxA. FoxA can open a local domain of compacted chromatin(More)
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