Jason A. S. Freeman

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The two-layer radial basis function network, with fixed centers of the basis functions, is analyzed within a stochastic training paradigm. Various definitions of generalization error are considered, and two such definitions are employed in deriving generic learning curves and generalization properties, both with and without a weight decay term. The(More)
Are "generalized" seizures truly generalized? Generalized tonic-clonic seizures are classified as either secondarily generalized with local onset or primarily generalized, without known focal onset. In both types of generalized seizures widespread regions of the nervous system engage in abnormally synchronous and high-frequency neuronal firing. However,(More)
An analytic investigation of the average case learning and generalization properties of radial basis function (RBFs) networks is presented, utilizing online gradient descent as the learning rule. The analytic method employed allows both the calculation of generalization error and the examination of the internal dynamics of the network. The generalization(More)
The major concern of the Communications Biophysics Group is the search for a better understanding of sensory communication, in particular, of hearing. As in the past, future research will tend to combine electrophysiological and behavioral experiments with machine data processing and analytical methods from communication theory. We continue to maintain a(More)
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