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Studies were carried out to determine whether the actions of prolactin on the metabolism of the mammary gland may involve polyamines. In mouse mammary gland explants that were preincubated for 2 days with insulin plus hydrocortisone, the rate of [3H]leucine incorporation into casein was enhanced in a prolactin-like manner during a further incubation with(More)
The distribution kinetics of adriamycin in the rat were analyzed by using a multicompartment mathematical model. The set of a priori unknown model parameters, the drug rate constants, were estimated from 48 hr multicompartment drug distribution data by applying multivanate system identification techniques. Simultaneously, the information in all the(More)
A comparison is presented of the levels of cyclic adenosine 3 :5 -monophosphate, cyclic guanosine 3 :5 -monophosphate (cyclic GMP), adenylate cyclase, guanylate cyclase, cyclic adenosine 3 :5 -monophosphate phosphodiesterase, and cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase in 9,10dimethyl-1,2-benzanthracene-induced mammary tumors of rats and in mammary glands from virgin(More)
Transformation-deficient mutants of Bacillus subtilis have been identified either by screening for a nuclease-deficient phenotype on methyl green-DNA agar or for nontransformability on transforming DNA-containing agar. After purification of the mutations causing a reduction in the entry of DNA, a set of isogenic entry-deficient strains was obtained. In(More)
The dose response curves of doxorubicin for hematopoietic rat bone marrow cells were investigated and compared with the dose-response curves of doxorubicin for leukemia cells from bone marrow and spleen of rats inoculated with an acute myelocytic leukemia (BNML). Various assays were used to determine the cytotoxicity of doxorubicin. It was found that the(More)
A comparison of the nucleolytic activities in competent and physiologically low-competent wild-type cultures of Bacillus subtilis in DNA-containing sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels revealed the existence of three competence-associated nuclease activities with apparent molecular weights of 13,000, 15,000, and 26,000. The three activities, which(More)
In the phospholipid fractions, arachidonic acid represented a several fold higher percentage of fatty acids from DMBA-induced tumors and in mammary glands from midpregnant rats when compared to mammary glands from virgin rats. Arachidonic acid was not present in measurable quantities in the neutral lipid fractions of mammary glands from virgin rats. The(More)
A general approach to synthesis of dihydroxanthone derivatives is described here. In vitro evaluation of these dihydroxanthones demonstrated that some derivatives possess moderate anti-cholinesterase activities and better selectivities than tacrine for acetylcholinesterase over butyrylcholinesterase. Structural effects on anti-cholinesterase activities were(More)