Jasneek Chawla

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Only 13 of 38 hospital laboratories surveyed include a Gram stain routinely in microbiological sputum examination. In a prospective three-hospital study, 60% of over 1,200 "sputum" specimens consisted predominantly of saliva, as judged by cell composition. Compared with the results of cultures in which microorganisms presumptively identified on sputum(More)
Alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of pulmonary veins (ACDMPV) is a lethal lung developmental disorder caused by heterozygous point mutations or genomic deletion copy-number variants (CNVs) of FOXF1 or its upstream enhancer involving fetal lung-expressed long noncoding RNA genes LINC01081 and LINC01082. Using custom-designed array comparative(More)
Given the difficulties in diagnosing, or even defining, asthma in children, claims of a pediatric asthma epidemic in Canada and other developed countries are accepted with surprisingly little critical examination. We reviewed a broad range of data sources to understand how the epidemic evolved during the last 50 years and also to assess the reliability of(More)
PURPOSE Studies were designed to elucidate the basis for the antiproliferative activity of the anthracycline antibiotic, idarubicin (4-demethoxy-daunorubicin) in MCF-7 breast tumor cells. METHODS Growth inhibition was evaluated using the MTT tetrazolium dye assay, induction of DNA strand breaks was determined by alkaline elution, inhibition of DNA(More)
Chronic snoring (≥4 nights per week) is not benign. Otherwise healthy children with chronic snoring and evidence of adenotonsillar hypertrophy can be referred directly for adenotonsillectomy. Snoring children <30 months or with significant medical comorbidities should be referred for specialist sleep evaluation. Older children with intermittent snoring or(More)
Childhood Interstitial lung disease (chILD) is an umbrella term used to define a broad range of rare, diffuse pulmonary disorders with altered interstitial structure that leads to abnormal gas exchange. Presentation of chILD in infancy can be difficult to differentiate from other common causes of diffuse lung disease. This article aimed at paediatricians(More)
BACKGROUND IQ deficits are linked to even mild obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in children. Although OSA is commonly first diagnosed in the pre-school age group, a randomised trial is still needed to assess IQ outcomes after adenotonsillectomy in the pre-school age-group. This randomised control trial (RCT) will primarily determine whether adenotonsillectomy(More)
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