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BACKGROUND The playing of wind instruments has been associated with changes in respiratory function. STUDY OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of playing wind instruments on lung function and respiratory symptoms. METHODS The present study included 99 wind instrument players and a group of 41 string instrument players as a control from 3 major(More)
BACKGROUND Gender related differences in respiratory disease have been documented. The aim of this study was to investigate gender related differences in respiratory findings by occupation. We analyzed data from 12 of our previously published studies. METHODS Three thousand and eleven (3011) workers employed in "organic dust" industries (1379 female and(More)
BACKGROUND Female practitioners of the medical arts have been active since the ancient world The role of women in science, and particularly in medicine, has changed significantly over time. METHODS We provide a chronological review of the growing knowledge in medicine related to women's activities through the ages with particular attention to occupational(More)
Aged population dominates in developed countries. Centenarians are a select group, and only one in 7,000 to 10,000 reach that age. Factors of longevity are numerous and include genetic predisposition (a locus on chromosome 4), environment, healthy lifestyle (hypocaloric diet, regular physical and mental exercise), accessible health services, and efficient(More)
AIM The aim of the study was to determine mean food availability based on the data of national Household Budget Surveys (HBS) provided for the years 1999 and 2004, and also to identify the trends in dietary patterns of the Croatian population according to the Data Food Networking (DAFNE) procedure. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The Croatian National Statistics(More)
Folic acid and folates have an important role in prevention of neural tube defect that appears in the first weeks of pregnancy, when women are still not aware of their pregnancy, especially when pregnancy is not planned. Since ensuring sufficient quantities of folates and folic acid in this period is essential, dietary habits of childbearing age women are(More)
Different aspects of medicine and/or healing in several societies are presented. In the ancient times as well as today medicine has been closely related to magic, science and religion. Various ancient societies and cultures had developed different views of medicine. It was believed that a human being has two bodies: a visible body that belongs to the earth(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmaceutical workers may be at risk for the development of respiratory problems as a result of their work environment. METHODS This study investigated 163 female and 35 male workers, employed in a pharmaceutical plant processing different types of medication, primarily antibiotics, in order to characterize the risk of this environment.(More)
AIM The aim was to investigate regional distribution of drinking habit and its relation to the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Nine thousand and seventy participants older than 18 questioned during THE 2003 Croatian health Survey were analyzed and weighted data extrapolated to the adult Croatian population. Study group(More)
Eating and lifestyle habits of first (n=169) and sixth (n=272) year students, aged 18 to 26 years, attending a Medical School in Zagreb, were compared related to the years of study. A self-administered questionnaire created for this study incorporated a food frequency questionnaire. Both year students reported similar number of meals per day, irregular(More)