Jasna Pucarin-Cvetković

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Different aspects of medicine and/or healing in several societies are presented. In the ancient times as well as today medicine has been closely related to magic, science and religion. Various ancient societies and cultures had developed different views of medicine. It was believed that a human being has two bodies: a visible body that belongs to the earth(More)
BACKGROUND Gender related differences in respiratory disease have been documented. The aim of this study was to investigate gender related differences in respiratory findings by occupation. We analyzed data from 12 of our previously published studies. METHODS Three thousand and eleven (3011) workers employed in "organic dust" industries (1379 female and(More)
AIM To investigate the relationships between body mass index (BMI), dietary habits, and cardiovascular risk factors in isolated Adriatic island populations of Croatia. METHODS Random sample of subjects (n=1001) was interviewed, using a validated questionnaire developed for this research program. Dietary habits were assessed on the basis of applied Food(More)
AIM To investigate the prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms in 9 metapopulations on Adriatic islands in Croatia, and the relationship between respiratory symptoms and individual genetic background. METHODS We obtained random sample of 1001 adult inhabitants of 9 Adriatic island villages in Croatia, that also included immigrants to these villages.(More)
This study investigated 5-year cumulative incidence of unhealthy dietary habits across various gender and age groups within the CroHort study, a repeated cross-sectional survey of Croatian adults. The results monitoring the frequency of certain foodstuffs consumption indicate that 10.6% of examinees (10.9% of men, and 9.1% of women) reported worsening of(More)
Medical history and relationship to the medical conditions as well as to the music creativity and productivity of some of the classical European composers have been described. In this review article we analyzed their illnesses as well as association between physical or mental diseases and their creativity and adaptability to disease. Some classical(More)
Artists may be exposed to a variety of potentially noxious materials. The modern techniques they use imply exposure to environmental hazards. Occupational health was evaluated in individuals engaged in different arts such as sculpture, painting, printmaking, restoration photography, glass-work and ceramics, because of exposure to toxic chemicals in art(More)
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