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A major task in understanding biological processes is to elucidate relationships between genes involved in the underlying biological pathways. Microarray data from an increasing number of biologically interrelated experiments now allows for more complete portrayals of functional gene relationships in the pathways. In current studies of gene relationships,(More)
Tracking vehicles in flight with range capable sensors can provide very precise position and velocity estimates. If the sensor is only capable of making angular measurements, the estimates will not be as accurate. It is desired to have a bound on the estimates of the position and velocity under the relatively modest assumption that the vehicle is flying(More)
Fleurtech is a transformable dress that incorporates servomechanisms to accentuate the length of skirts. It can be used as a long or mini dress in one item that also allows for versatility and flexibility in varied contexts and body sizes. This design is expected to extend the lifespan of the product with its unique designs and transforming functions, and(More)
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