Jasmine Zhou

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A major task in understanding biological processes is to elucidate relationships between genes involved in the underlying biological pathways. Microarray data from an increasing number of biologically interrelated experiments now allows for more complete portrayals of functional gene relationships in the pathways. In current studies of gene relationships,(More)
A jacket, "Enfold" was comprised of transformable clothing that folds and envelops the wearer using origami folding with shape memory alloy (SMA) to assist those who have trouble dressing by allowing the garment to wrap around and fit the wearer without outside help. These types of clothes are expected to be beneficial for people with CP and also for(More)
Microarray gene expression profiling is performed in many laboratories, resulting in the rapid data accumulation in public repositories. However, due to the existence of different microarray platforms and the lack of standard experimental protocols, systematic variation among data sets often exceeds the capability of statistical normalization. Currently,(More)
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