Jasmine W. S. Wong

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After cleavage furrow ingression during cytokinesis, nascent daughter cells remain connected by an intercellular bridge (ICB) and the midbody [1, 2]. The midbody becomes an assembly platform for ESCRT complexes that split apart the plasma membrane (PM) anchored to the ICB and complete abscission, which is the final step of cell division [3-5]. Aurora B(More)
Endoscopic innovation has allowed surgeons from multiple specialties to excise benign, subcutaneous lesions of the periorbit, nasoglabella, scalp, and trunk with minimal scarring [1–7]. Since Ikeda described thyroidectomy by the endoscopic, axillary approach, otolaryngologists substitute a visible neck scar, with a scarless technique [8]. Dermoid cysts are(More)
Supernumerary centrosomes promote the assembly of abnormal spindles in many human cancers. The observation that modest changes in the centrosomal levels of Mps1 kinase can cause centrosome overduplication in human cells suggests the existence of a regulatory system that may tightly control its centrosomal stability. Here, we show that Cdkn3, a(More)
BACKGROUND The socioeconomic inequalities in child health continue to widen despite improved economy. OBJECTIVE To investigate the correlation between socio-economic factors and health risk behaviors and psychosocial well-being of children in Hong Kong. HYPOTHESIS The null hypothesis is that for this particular developed region, there exists little or(More)
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