Jasmine Schramm

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Meis homeodomain transcription factors control cell proliferation, cell fate specification and differentiation in development and disease. Previous studies have largely focused on Meis contribution to the development of non-neuronal tissues. By contrast, Meis function in the brain is not well understood. Here, we provide evidence for a dual role of the Meis(More)
TALE-homeodomain proteins function as components of heteromeric complexes that contain one member each of the PBC and MEIS/PREP subclasses. We recently showed that MEIS2 cooperates with the neurogenic transcription factor PAX6 in the control of adult subventricular zone (SVZ) neurogenesis in rodents. Expression of the PBC protein PBX1 in the SVZ has been(More)
Sphere-forming assays are widely used for the propagation, characterization and manipulation of adult brain-derived stem- and progenitor cells. However despite the broad application of this cell culture system in neural stem cell- and brain tumor research, no standardized protocols exist. Variations in experimental procedures not only concern the use of(More)
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