Jasmine Murphy

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The purpose of this study was to describe the epidemiology of AIDS among Hispanics in Chicago. These data are needed to tailor prevention and treatment programs across diverse Hispanic ethnic subgroups. To pursue Hispanic origin for the 1,289 Hispanic persons diagnosed with AIDS in Chicago, death certificates for those cases contained in Chicago's AIDS(More)
BACKGROUND Declines in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related mortality between 1995 and 1996 were seen across the United States but were small to nonexistent among people in marginalized sectors who are most likely to contract HIV and die of its effects. No comprehensive analysis describing HIV-related mortality in 1997 was available. OBJECTIVE To(More)
UNLABELLED A dramatic shift in the relative distribution of the five categories of heterosexual transmission for AIDS cases diagnosed in Chicago since 1991 prompted a mode-of-transmission validation study of what had become the most frequently reported heterosexual exposure: heterosexual relations with a person with AIDS (PWA) or documented HIV infection(More)
AIMS To provide an overview of steps taken to improve oral health in one UK city and to review factors relevant to maximising the contribution that paediatricians (and potentially other health professionals) can make to improving oral health. METHODS The article provides information on the strategic approach taken in Leicester, one of the most ethnically(More)
Population movements, whether voluntary or forced, are an integral part of an increasingly globalized society and, while the health needs of migrant populations cannot be generalized, some migrants can have worse oral health outcomes compared with their host-country counterparts, with their first dental contact typically being for emergency care. Failure to(More)
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