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BACKGROUND Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is the most common autoimmune-mediated subepidermal blistering skin disease and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. OBJECTIVES To determine the 3-year mortality rate, risk factors and causes of death in patients with BP in Singapore, compared with the general population. METHODS We conducted a(More)
Cyclotron-produced L-(N-13)glutamate was used to visualize malignant intracranial tumors in 12 pediatric patients who had evidence of recurrent disease as documented by computed transaxial tomography (TCT). Imaging was performed using a rectilinear scanner, gamma camera, or a positron-emission tomograph (PET). The results indicate that N-13 is rapidly taken(More)
BACKGROUND There are few longitudinal data currently available detailing the normal changes in maternal cerebral hemodynamics during human pregnancy. This lack of information limits the study of pregnancy-associated cerebrovascular adjustments and, in particular, preeclampsia, where the brain appears to be especially susceptible to ischemic and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine any differences in cerebral perfusion pressure in patients with chronic hypertension compared with those with chronic hypertension and superimposed pre-eclampsia. DESIGN A prospective observational study. SETTING University hospital clinic and labour and delivery suite. PARTICIPANTS Fifteen women with chronic hypertension and 15(More)
As intracardiac signal amplitudes fluctuate due to patient activity, drug intake, and other factors, it is imperative that an adequate sensing safety margin in an implanted pacemaker be used to compensate. We studied an investigational autosensing feature that automatically adjusts the device's sensitivity. Data were collected from 55 patients, with(More)
BACKGROUND Previous investigators have shown that high heels decrease the muscle activity of the gastrocnemius muscle during gait. However, it is not known whether commonly used in-shoe heel lifts of lower heights will demonstrate similar effects on muscle activity. The aim of this study was to determine whether heel lifts alter the muscle activity of the(More)