Jasmine Anandarajah

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Smoking cigarettes is a major risk factor for the development of cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Moreover, smokers are more prone to infections. This has been associated with a suppression of the immune system by smoke. However, it is not clear how cigarette smoke affects the ability of immune cells to sense pathogens.(More)
1. Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria are sensed by Toll-like receptor (TLR)4 and TLR2, respectively. TLR4 recruits MyD88 and TRIF, whereas TLR2 recruits MyD88 without TRIF. NOSII and TNFalpha are central genes in innate immunity and are thought to be differentially regulated by the MyD88 versus TRIF signalling pathways. Here, we have used(More)
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