Jasmine A Talameh

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The effects of long-term hormone treatment on monoamines and monoamine metabolites in different regions of the primate brain were examined and compared. Ovariectomised Cynomologous monkeys received daily oral administration of either conjugated equine oestrogens (CEE), CEE + medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), or a low or high dose of tibolone, for a period(More)
Statins are the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States and are extremely effective in reducing major cardiovascular events in the millions of Americans with hyperlipidemia. However, many patients (up to 25%) cannot tolerate or discontinue statin therapy due to statin-induced myopathy (SIM). Patients will continue to experience SIM at(More)
Understanding the pharmacokinetics of drugs in peripheral body compartments, such as the genital tract, is particularly important in the infectious diseases arena. However, extracting drugs from small volumes of viscous, proteinacious substances like cervicovaginal fluid is particularly challenging. The goal of this study was to develop a method to quantify(More)
PURPOSE The bioavailability of a crushed tolvaptan tablet suspended in water and administered by nasogastric (NG) tube was compared to the bioavailability from the tablet administered whole. METHODS In a randomized crossover study, 28 healthy adults received a single 15-mg dose of tolvaptan on two occasions (one dose given as an intact tablet swallowed(More)
BACKGROUND The combination of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and beta-adrenergic receptor blockers remains the essential component of heart failure (HF) pharmacotherapy. However, individual patient responses to these pharmacotherapies vary widely. The variability in response cannot be explained entirely by clinical characteristics, and(More)
The individual patient responses to chronic heart failure (HF) pharmacotherapies are highly variable. This variability cannot be entirely explained by clinical characteristics, and genetic variation may play a role. Therefore, this review will summarize the background pharmacogenetic literature for major HF pharmacotherapy classes (ie, β-blockers,(More)
AIM To develop and apply a novel genotyping method for the 9-bp exon 1 insertion/deletion polymorphism in BDKRB2. MATERIALS & METHODS DNA from 718 patients with heart failure was extracted using standard methods and a region containing exon 1 of BDKRB2 was amplified with PCR. The PCR product was separated using the Qiagen QIAxcel® capillary(More)
The antiplatelet drug clopidogrel is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world, but there is wide interpatient variability in its antiplatelet effects. The majority of this variation is due to genetic effects, but there is controversy over which genetic variants are important and their relative contribution. This controversy may stem from the(More)
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