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Geometric perspective on quantum parameter estimation
This review collects some of the key theoretical results in quantum parameter estimation by presenting the theory for the quantum estimation of a single parameter, multiple parameters, and optical estimation using Gaussian states. Expand
Quantum metrology of spatial deformation using arrays of classical and quantum light emitters
We introduce spatial deformations to an array of light sources and study how the estimation precision of the interspacing distance $d$ changes with the sources of light used. The quantum FisherExpand
Quantum Fisher information for general spatial deformations of quantum emitters
We present a framework for the detection and estimation of deformations applied to a grid of sources. Our formalism uses the Hamiltonian formulation of the quantum Fisher information matrixExpand
Tight Bounds on the Simultaneous Estimation of Incompatible Parameters
This work shows that the Holevo Cramer-Rao bound (HCRB) can be solved analytically for two parameters and generates a lower bound to the HCRB, which is applied to magnetic field sensing. Expand
Space-borne quantum memories for global quantum communication
This work demonstrates that satellites equipped with QMs provide three orders of magnitude faster entanglement distribution rates than existing protocols based on fibre-based repeaters or space systems without QMs. Expand
Advances in Space Quantum Communications
Concerted efforts are underway to establish an infrastructure for a global quantum internet to realise a spectrum of quantum technologies. This will enable more precise sensors, secureExpand
Proposal for space-borne quantum memories for global quantum networking
Global-scale quantum communication links will form the backbone of the quantum internet. However, exponential loss in optical fibres precludes any realistic application beyond few hundred kilometres.Expand
Quantum Physics in Space
Advances in quantum technologies are giving rise to a revolution in the way fundamental physics questions are explored at the empirical level. At the same time, they are the seeds for futureExpand
Finite key effects in satellite quantum key distribution
This work provides a systematic analysis of the finite block size effects on secret key length generation for low latency operation using BB84 weak coherent pulse decoy state protocols and finds that optimisation of basis bias, pulse probabilities and intensities, and data selection is crucial for extending the range of satellite trajectories and link efficiencies for which finite-block size keys can be extracted. Expand
AGeometric Perspective onQuantumParameter Estimation
Quantummetrology holds the promise of an early practical application of quantum technologies, in whichmeasurements of physical quantities can be made with much greater precision than what isExpand