Jasmin Wehner

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We present two cases of acute thrombosis of the internal cerebral veins, vein of Galen, and straight sinus without sagittal sinus involvement. Both patients had hydrocephalus and severe edema of the basal ganglia and thalami, one with hemorrhagic infarction of the thalamus. Because both patients rapidly deteriorated to a comatose state, endovascular(More)
Peripheral, posttraining injection of substance P (SP) has been shown to facilitate the retention of aversive and appetitive learning tasks, suggesting that SP may play a role in information processing. In addition, SP may modulate the release of nigrostriatal monoamines, which have also been linked with avoidance learning. This paper examines the(More)
BACKGROUND Investigation of interrelations between periodontal and systemic inflammatory parameters in periodontal health. METHODS 40 periodontally healthy (probing pocket depths [PPD]<3.6 mm and from 3.6 mm to 4 mm without bleeding on probing [BOP]; up to 2 sites with a PPD from 3.6 mm to 5 mm and BOP or up to 4 sites with a PPD from 3.6 mm to 5 mm(More)
Ankle fracture dislocations are a common entity in orthopaedic practice and their treatment is well documented. Dislocations of other joints are usually treated by closed reduction with a brief period of immobilization. This ankle dislocation without fracture is a rare injury which was treated similarly to other joint dislocations. An intact bony construct(More)
Four patients with adult acquired spastic hemiplegic hand disorders had brachioradialis to extensor digitorum communis tendon transfer to establish motor balance and improve prehensile hand function. All of the patients had volitional control of the wrist and finger flexors without control of the finger extensors, producing a dynamic hand deformity in which(More)
Acute cerebral ischemia resulting from the occlusion of a large or medium size intracranial artery is a known complication of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (AAS). Usually these patients are treated by low dose aspirin and anticoagulants to prevent a stroke. We are reporting a case of acute stroke in a patient with AAS in whom combined intravenous and(More)
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