Jasmin Sanghyun Han

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The monoamine hypothesis for affective disorders indicates a functional impairment of the monoamine systems in CNS as the causative factor for the development of depression. Pharmacological manipulations of the monoaminergic neuronal system using tricyclics and monoamine oxidase inhibitors produced promising therapeutic effects as well as certain unwanted(More)
Epidemiological studies have shown that loads imposed on the human spine during daily living play a significant role in the onset of low back pain. The loads applied to the lumbar spine are shared by a number of structures: muscles; posterior elements, including facets and ligaments; and the disc of a ligamentous motion segment. In vivo, it is not practical(More)
Itch is one of the most distressing sensations that substantially impair quality of life. It is a cardinal symptom of many skin diseases and is also caused by a variety of systemic disorders. Unfortunately, currently available itch medications are ineffective in many chronic itch conditions, and they often cause undesirable side effects. To develop novel(More)