Jasmin Preis

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It is well recognized that there is a surprising degree of phenotypic variation among genetically identical individuals, even when the environmental influences, in the strict sense of the word, are identical. Genetic textbooks acknowledge this fact and use different terms, such as 'intangible variation' or 'developmental noise', to describe it. We believe(More)
Here we report a transgenic mouse line that exhibits significant deviations from a classic pattern of parental imprinting. When the transgene is passed through the female germline, it is completely silenced in some offspring while in others expression is reduced. This variable expressivity does not appear to be the result of differences in the presence of(More)
Levels of circulating tumour necrosis factor (TNF-alpha) and its soluble receptors are elevated in chronic human schistosomiasis. However, the kinetics of TNF-alpha production and release of its soluble receptors have not been studied in humans or animals. Here we report on increased levels of TNF-alpha and its soluble receptors in murine schistosomiasis,(More)
The secondary structure of pig heart AMP-deaminase (AMP-d) in the absence and in the presence of orthophosphate or dioleoyl phosphatidic acid (DOPA) or ATP was investigated by FT-IR spectroscopy. While the latter substance activates the enzyme, orthophosphate is a well-known negative allosteric effector and DOPA exerts a noncompetitive inhibition on(More)
Despite major advances on miRNA profiling and target predictions, functional readouts for endogenous miRNAs are limited and frequently lead to contradicting conclusions. Numerous approaches including functional high-throughput and miRISC complex evaluations suggest that the functional miRNAome differs from the predictions based on quantitative sRNA(More)
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