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Autologous bone marrow cell transplantation (BMCs-Tx) is a promising novel option for treatment of cardiovascular disease. We analysed in a randomized controlled study the influence of the(More)
BACKGROUND Bone marrow-derived circulating progenitor cells (BM-CPCs) in patients with coronary heart disease are impaired with respect to number and mobilization. However, it is unknown whether the(More)
BACKGROUND The influence of the number of diseased coronary arteries on the mobilization of CD133/45(+) bone marrow-derived circulating progenitor cells (BM-CPCs) in peripheral blood (PB) in patients(More)
BACKGROUND To present perioperative and long-term results of percutaneous treatment of adult isthmic coarctation of the aorta by means of a self-expandable closed-web uncovered nitinol stent(More)
There is growing evidence that intracoronary autologous bone marrow cells transplantation (BMCs-Tx) in patients with chronic myocardial infarction beneficially affects postinfarction remodelling. In(More)