Jasmin Malak

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Tracking a bolus of contrast agent traveling through the cerebral vasculature provides a measure of the blood flow velocity in the respective cerebral tissue. This principle has been the basis for the first approaches in functional magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and is of great value for investigating patients with vascular disease, especially stroke.(More)
Cutaneous leishmaniasis is highly endemic in eastern Mediterranean countries. The causative organisms are Leishmania tropica or Leishmania major but, further west, variants of Leishmania infantum frequently cause cutaneous leishmaniasis. We report a young girl from Beirut with an acute cutaneous leishmaniasis in whom the causative organism was cultured from(More)
Preliminary assumption of this model is that interactions between actin and myosin presupposes an exact three-dimensional geometrical correspondence between sites, due to the very short time constants present under physiological conditions. Only small and controlled torsions of the actin filaments are accepted. The model uses geometrical information(More)