Jasmin D. A. Meinecke

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Laser wakefield acceleration of electrons holds great promise for producing ultracompact stages of GeV scale, high-quality electron beams for applications such as x-ray free electron lasers and high-energy colliders. Ultrahigh intensity laser pulses can be self-guided by relativistic plasma waves (the wake) over tens of vacuum diffraction lengths, to give(More)
Quantum mechanics defines two classes of particles-bosons and fermions-whose exchange statistics fundamentally dictate quantum dynamics. Here we develop a scheme that uses entanglement to directly observe the correlated detection statistics of any number of fermions in any physical process. This approach relies on sending each of the entangled particles(More)
A two-stage Laser Wakefield Accelerator (LWFA) has been developed, which utilizes the ionization induced injection mechanism to produce high energy, narrow energy spread electron beams when the electron density is equal in both stages. However, when the densities are not equal these high quality beams are not observed. As the electron density varies across(More)
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