Jasmin Autzen

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We show for the first time that bisphenol A (10) has the capacity to interact directly with K-Ras and that Rheb weakly binds to bisphenol A (10) and 4,4'-biphenol derivatives. We have characterized these interactions at atomic resolution suggesting that these compounds sterically interfere with the Sos-mediated nucleotide exchange in H- and K-Ras. We show(More)
Constitutive activation of Ras-proteins plays an important role in the development of aggressive colorectal carcinomas and several other types of cancer. Despite some progress in recent years in the case of K-Ras4B, until now not a single small molecule inhibitor has been identified that binds efficiently to Rheb and interrupts the protein-protein(More)
Melanoma inhibitory activity (MIA), an extracellular protein highly expressed by malignant melanoma cells, plays an important functional role in melanoma development, progression, and metastasis. After its secretion, MIA directly interacts with extracellular matrix proteins, such as fibronectin (FN). By this mechanism, MIA actively facilitates focal cell(More)
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