Jasmijn van Gorp

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Aggregated search interfaces provide users with an overview of results from various sources. Two general types of display exist: tabbed, with access to each source in a separate tab, and blended, which combines multiple sources into a single result page. Multi-session search tasks, e.g., a research project, consist of multiple stages, each with its own(More)
The introduction of new technologies and access to new information channels continue to change the way media studies researchers work and the questions they seek to answer. We investigate the current practices of media studies researchers and how these practices affect their research questions. Through the analysis of 27 interviews about the research(More)
Media studies concerns the study of production, content, and/or reception of various types of media. Today's continuous production and storage of media is changing the way media studies researchers work and requires the development of new search models and tools. We investigate the research cycle of media studies researchers and find that it is an(More)
As archives are opening up and publishing their content online, the general public can now directly access archive collections. To support access, archives typically provide the public with their internal search tools that were originally intended for professional archivists. We conduct a small-scale user study where non-professionals perform exploratory(More)
In this demonstration we present AVResearcher, a prototype aimed at allowing media researchers to explore metadata associated with large numbers of audiovisual broadcasts. It allows them to compare and contrast the characteristics of search results for two topics, across time and in terms of content. Broadcasts can be searched and compared not only on the(More)
We describe our efforts to design an interface that supports media studies researchers in collecting data. Based on interviews about their search behavior we arrive at a set of search scenarios and for each we identify IR techniques that provide the required functionality. We end with a discussion about the implementation of such an interface and its(More)
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