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Although in the last few years good number of S-nitrosylated proteins are identified but information on endogenous targets is still limiting. Therefore, an attempt is made to decipher NO signaling in cold treated Brassica juncea seedlings. Treatment of seedlings with substrate, cofactor and inhibitor of Nitric-oxide synthase and nitrate reductase (NR),(More)
Nitric oxide (NO), a recent addition to the signaling molecules in plants, plays an important role in mediating both biotic and abiotic stress responses. The occurrence of reproductive/vegetative structures, known as epiphylly, on the surface of leaves is a stress survival mechanism exhibited by some plants, including Kalanchoe pinnata. In the present study(More)
Plant proteomics has made tremendous contributions in understanding the complex processes of plant biology. Here, its current status in India and Nepal is discussed. Gel-based proteomics is predominantly utilized on crops and non-crops to analyze majorly abiotic (49 %) and biotic (18 %) stress, development (11 %) and post-translational modifications (7 %).(More)
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