Jasmeet Judge

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The electronically scanned thin array radiometer (ESTAR) was utilized for soil moisture mapping during the Southern Great Plains Experiment (SGP99). A retrieval algorithm was applied to obtain soil moisture from passive microwave measurements at 1.4 GHz. The algorithm was verified using ground data collected during SGP99. The results indicate a good(More)
Microwave backscatter from vegetated surfaces is influenced by vegetation structure and vegetation water content (VWC), which varies with meteorological conditions and moisture in the root zone. Radar backscatter observations are used for many vegetation and soil moisture monitoring applications under the assumption that VWC is constant on short timescales.(More)
In this study, a novel machine learning algorithm is proposed to disaggregate coarse-scale remotely sensed observations to finer scales, using correlated auxiliary data at the fine scale. It includes a regularized Cauchy-Schwarz distance based clustering step that assigns soft memberships to each pixel at the fine-scale followed by a kernel regression that(More)
The electromagnetic spectrum is a valued shared resource. Its scientific use allows us to learn about our universe, measure and monitor our planet, and communicate scientific data. The use of the spectrum is managed by national, regional, and global regulatory frameworks. There are increasing demands for new or extended allocations because of vast(More)