Jaslyn Jie Lin

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We report properties of marine aerosol and clouds measured in the shipping lanes between Monterey Bay and San Francisco off the coast of Central California. Using a suite of aerosol instrumentation onboard the CIRPAS Twin Otter aircraft, these measurements represent a unique set of data contrasting the properties of clean and ship-impacted marine air masses(More)
Beta titanium arch wire segments were joined in a variety of configurations by means of four different commercial welders available to the orthodontist. Test specimens were prepared using the point-to-point and flat-to-flat electrode configurations and a range of settings on each welding apparatus. Tension-shear and tension-twist tests were conducted to(More)
Meteorology and microphysics affect cloud formation, cloud droplet distributions, and shortwave reflectance. The Eastern Pacific Emitted Aerosol Cloud Experiment and the Stratocumulus Observations of Los-Angeles Emissions Derived Aerosol-Droplets studies provided measurements in six case studies of cloud thermodynamic properties, initial particle number(More)
Accurate knowledge of x-ray mass attenuation coefficients is essential for studies as diverse as atomic physics, materials science, and radiation safety. However, a significant discrepancy exists between theoretical tabulated results for air at soft x-ray energies. We outline a precision measurement of the mass attenuation coefficients for air at various(More)
A measurement of the horizontal coherence function of 7.9 keV radiation from an undulator beam line at the Advanced Photon Source is reported. X-ray diffraction from a phase-shifting mask was used, and the coherence function was measured as a function of the width of beam-conditioning slits in the beam line. The coherence distribution is found to be best(More)
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