Jasja Wolthoorn

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Glycosphingolipids are controlled by the spatial organization of their metabolism and by transport specificity. Using immunoelectron microscopy, we localize to the Golgi stack the glycosyltransferases that produce glucosylceramide (GlcCer), lactosylceramide (LacCer), and GM3. GlcCer is synthesized on the cytosolic side and must translocate across to the(More)
Their precursor is ceramide, which is made in the ER and delivered to the Golgi by a combination of CERT and vesicular traffi c. Almost all other enzymes involved in glycolipid metabolism are in the Golgi complex, adding sugars step-wise to generate many hundreds of complex glycolipids (Fig. 1 A). Importantly, the fi rst enzyme, GlcCer synthase, has its(More)
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