Jasem Mohamadi

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The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the sensitivity of Candida species isolated from oral candidiasis and diaper dermatitis infections in children. The children referring to private and public clinics in Ilam, Iran were exmined for oral candidiasis and diaper dermatitis. In this study, 248 oral candidiasis and diaper dermatitis samples were(More)
Vaginal Candidiasis is the most common and important opportunistic fungal infection in women. By increasing use of antifungal drugs in recent years, it has caused drug resistance. This study aims to evaluate antifungal drugs susceptibility of Candida. spp isolated of women with vaginitis from Ilam-Iran during 2013-2014. samples were collected and cultured(More)
The necessity of using medicinal plants in that the common chemical drugs have side effects, the emergence of drug resistance as well as high economic costs on society and households. We have traditionally used medicinal plants to treat different kinds of infection in western regions of Iran and particularly Ilam since many years ago. There are the(More)
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