Jasek Generowicz

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The CERN LHC experiments have begun the LHC Computing Grid project in 2001. One of the project's aims is to develop common software infrastructure based on a development vision shared by the participating experiments. The SEAL project will provide common foundation libraries, services and utilities identified by the project's architecture blueprint report.(More)
We have developed an algorithm for the estimation of eigenvalue spectra and have applied it to the determination of the density of states in a photonic crystal, which requires the repeated solution of a generalized eigenvalue problem. We demonstrate that the algorithm offers significant advantages in time, memory, and ease of parallelization over(More)
Electrical Tomography can produce accurate results only if the underlying 2D or 3D volume discretization is chosen suitably for the applied numerical algorithm. We give general indications where and how to optimize a finite element discretization of a volume under investigation to enable efficient computation of potential distributions and the(More)
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