Jascha Silbermann

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To support a quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction standardization project, a new reference gene database application was required. The new database application was built with the explicit goal of simplifying not only the development process but also making the user interface more responsive and intuitive. To this end, CouchDB was used as the(More)
Quality management is an important aspect of work for laboratories of any size. Higher quality leads to higher productivity and thus allows an organization to compete better on the market. In order for quality management to be successful the organization must effectively manage the collection and dissemination of information. The management of information(More)
Spondylodiscitis is considered to be the main cause of epidural abscess. In this report, the authors present their concept for the management of the extended epidural abscess that occurs in combination with spondylodiscitis. It consists of debridement and fusion for spondylodiscitis together with epidural abscess drainage using a microscopically assisted(More)
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