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A new Laccaria species from cloud forest of Fortuna, Panama
A new species of Agaricales, called Laccaria stellata, was collected in a premontane cloud forest in the Fortuna Forest Reserve, Panama, and it is described based on morphological and molecular
Clinical manifestation of an amelanotic Sporothrix schenckii complex isolate in a cat in Germany
Amelanotic members of the Sporothrix schenckii complex should be considered a putative aetiologic agent in the pathogenesis of feline sporotrichosis in Germany.
A Description of Biremis panamae sp. nov., a New Diatom Species from the Marine Littoral, with an Account of the Phylogenetic Position of Biremis D.G. Mann et E.J. Cox (Bacillariophyceae)
The results based on morphology, DNA sequence data and observations of auxosporulation point to an evolutionary relationship between Biremis, Neidium and Scoliopleura, which is probably related to the Neidiaceae and Scoliotropidaceae.
A new species and a new record of Diatrypaceae from Panama
Based on opportunistic collections of fungi in Panama, two species of Diatrypaceae (Xylariales) are described and illustrated. One of them, Eutypella semicircularis, found twice on branches probably
Talaromyces indigoticus Takada & Udagawa, the First Record for Panama and the American Continent
In a survey of mycotic human skin and nail lesions in Chiriquí, Western Panama, Talaromyces indigoticus was isolated in one case and reported for the first time for Panama and the American continent.
Two new records of smut fungi for Panama and new combinations into the genus Tolyposporium
Two species of smut fungi (Basidiomycota) are reported here for the first time for Panama and the concept of the genus Tolyposporium is discussed.