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AIM To assess and compare the effect of small doses of fructose and allulose on postprandial blood glucose regulation in type 2 diabetes. METHODS A double-blind, multiple-crossover, randomized,(More)
Recent literature suggests that catalytic doses (≤10 g/meal or 36 g/day) of D-fructose and D-allulose may reduce postprandial blood glucose responses to carbohydrate loads in people with and without(More)
OBJECTIVE The evidence for liquid meal replacements in diabetes has not been summarized. Our objective was to synthesize the evidence of the effect of liquid meal replacements on cardiometabolic risk(More)
Objective: Contrary to concerns that fructose may have adverse metabolic effects, an emerging literature has shown that low-dose fructose at a level obtainable from fruit ( 7 days investigating the(More)