Jarrod Trevathan

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The popularity of online auctioning has grown meteorically since the late 90s. This attraction is due to their convenience, low cost and ability to reach large (even worldwide) audiences. However, despite the advantages there are many problems inherent in auctioning online. One such problem is shill bidding where spurious bids are introduced into an auction(More)
This paper presents an extension of earlier work in the use of artificial intelligence for prediction of sporting outcomes. An expanded model is described, as well as a broadening of the area of application of the original work. The model used is a form of multi-layer perceptron and it is presented with a number of features which attempt to capture the(More)
Shill bidding is where spurious bids are introduced into an auction to drive up the final price for the seller, thereby defrauding legitimate bidders. Trevathan and Read presented an algorithm to detect the presence of shill bidding in online auctions. The algorithm observes bidding patterns over a series of auctions, and gives each bidder a shill score to(More)
There is an increasing need for environmental measurement systems to further science and thereby lead to improved policies for sustainable management. Marine environments are particularly hostile and extremely difficult for deploying sensitive measurement systems. As a consequence the need for data is greatest in marine environments, particularly in the(More)
Phishing is an online scam used to dupe people out of their personal information for the purpose of defrauding them. This paper presents a conceptual design for removing phishing pages that have been uploaded on a website, potentially without knowledge of the website owner or host server. Initially the system is alerted to the presence of a phishing page(More)
Security and privacy in online auctions is a major concern as auction participants have many opportunities to cheat (e.g., repudiate bids, not deliver items, etc.). Online auctions such as those used by eBay are based on a type of auction referred to as an English auction. Dispite the English auction being the most popular type of auction, it has received(More)
Geological visualisation while working in the field often requires expensive specialised equipment that is conventionally hard to master. Knowledge and prior experience of the specific techniques and formats used by the different devices is required to create data. This paper presents a new method that applies Augmented Reality (AR) with generic smart(More)