Jarrod A Johnson

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Most weight control programs facilitate weight loss by encouraging participants to adopt healthy eating patterns and increase physical activity. There is a need for a relatively brief measure of eating habits and physical activity that could be used to evaluate changes in behavior during weight loss treatment. The purpose of this series of four studies was(More)
Assumptions regarding the importance of empathy are pervasive. Given the impact these assumptions have on research, assessment, and treatment, it is imperative to know whether they are valid. Of particular interest is a basic question: Are deficits in empathy associated with aggressive behavior? Previous attempts to review the relation between empathy and(More)
The Dispositional Flow Scale-2 (DFS-2; Jackson & Eklund, 2002) may be one of the most promising measures for assessing Csikszentmihalyi's (1990) construct of "autotelic personality." Despite strong internal validity, external validity of the DFS-2 remains open. We used 2 methods to provide evidence for external validity: (1) multiple-time assessments of(More)
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