Jarrett L. Lancaster

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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Prospective studies of radiologists' interpretations of selected radiographs reported 20-40 years ago indicated error rates of 30% and higher. The authors retrospectively evaluated the interpretations of groups of radiologists and determined a range of rates of disagreement in interpretation. Quality assessment or recredentialing(More)
In the ecology of spotted fever rickettsiae, one of the as yet unsolved problems concerns the significance of small animals in the distribution of Rickettsia rickettsii in nature. In the Bitter Root Valley of western Montana, a great variety of rodents, rabbits and hares are known to serve as the preferred hosts for the immature stages of the vector tick,(More)
Two neuropeptides (DCCI and DCCII) in the adipokinetic/red pigment concentrating hormone-family have been isolated and purified from the corpora cardiaca of horseflies (Diptera : Tabanidae). Both peptides were purified by a sequence of three reversed phase-high performance liquid chromatographic steps. Amino acid analysis of the purified peptides indicated(More)
The equilibrium Nernst potential plays a critical role in neural cell dynamics. A common approximation used in studying electrical dynamics of excitable cells is that the ionic concentrations inside and outside the cell membranes act as charge reservoirs and remain effectively constant during excitation events. Research into brain electrical activity(More)
Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) undergo a reversible order-disorder thermal transition close to biological temperature due to cooperative melting of the cholesteryl esters (CE) in the core of the LDL particle. We have noticed that chain-chain interactions between CE molecules are responsible for the stability of the ordered smectic phase; thus, we formulated(More)