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Lying: An Augustinian Theology of Duplicity
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Martin Luther's Anti-Judaism and Its Political Significance
Abstract:This study argues that Luther's treatise On the Jews and Their Lies demonstrates a consistently held anti-Judaism defined by a refusal to accept that Jews could remain in the world as JewsExpand
God and Government: Martin Luther's Political Thought
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Machiavelli, Luther, and the Reformation of Politics
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Collaboration, Conflict, and Continuity in the Reformation: Essays in Honour of James M. Estes on His Eightieth Birthday ed. by Konrad Eisenbichler (review)
231f.). In Reston’s description of Luther’s addition of the term “faith alone” to the text of Romans, he gets the verses wrong and thus incorrectly compares the Vulgate and King James Version onExpand
Martin Luther's Political Interpretation of the Song of Songs
Martin Luther argued that the Hebrew Bible's Song of Songs was "an encomium of the political order," a praise and thanksgiving to God for the gift of temporal government. Luther's politicalExpand
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