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BOLD fMRI has provided a wealth of information about the aging brain. A common finding is that posterior regions of the brain manifest an age-related decrease in activation while the anterior regions show an age-related increase. Several neurocognitive models have been proposed to interpret these findings. However, one issue that has not been sufficiently(More)
Utilization of MALDI-MS (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry) for tissue imaging is a relatively new proteomic technique that simultaneously maps the spatial distribution of multiple proteins directly within a single frozen tissue section. Here, we report the development of a methodology to apply MALDI tissue imaging to chick heart(More)
BACKGROUND Culture results affect the diagnosis and treatment of children with musculoskeletal infection. To our knowledge, no previous large-scale study has assessed the relative value of culture methods employed during the evaluation of these conditions. The purpose of this study was to identify an optimal culture strategy for pediatric musculoskeletal(More)
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