Jarred Barber

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Sewage sludge application to agricultural soils is a common practice in several countries in the European Union. Nevertheless, the application dose constitutes an essential aspect that must be taken into account in order to minimize environmental impacts. In this study, near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) was used to estimate in sewage sludge(More)
A setup of ultrafast transient infrared IR spectrometer is described in this paper that employed Schwarzschild objectives to focus the probe beam to a diffraction limited spot. Thus measurements were performed with very high spatial resolution in the mid-IR spectral region. Furthermore, modulating the polarization of the probe light enabled detecting(More)
The far infrared spectra of (100), (010), and (001)-oriented RDX single crystals were measured as the crystal was rotated about the axis perpendicular to the polarization plane of the incident radiation. Absorption measurements were taken at temperatures of both 20 K and 295 K for all rotations using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. A number of discrete(More)
The phase diagram water, phenethyl alcohol and laureth 4 was determined and the variation of the vapour pressure of the alcohol was determined during evaporation using gas chromatographic head-space analysis. The phase changes during evaporation were estimated from the phase diagram and compared to the appearance of the emulsion using optical microscopy.(More)
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